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Orochi @ Miyabi: Japan Story

Lähetetty: Ti Marras 04, 2014 13:16
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Date: November 29th 2014
Venue: Norra Latin
City: Stockholm



Member: RYU (Vocal, Nohkan, Shinobue Ryuteki ( Dragon Flute), Koto, Biwa, Compose and Song arrangement.)


After two European tours with a total of 32 concerts in 22 countries it’s FINALLY time for OROCHI to come to Sweden and Stockholm! OROCHI use various of instruments to create an exciting mix of traditional Japanese sound and modern rock.

The concert is to be held at the festival “MIYABI: Japan Story” on November 29, in Stockholm.


OROCHI is the deep rooted myth and thrill of Japan.

The story tells that once upon a time, there was a dragon called Yamatano Orochi. Its eyes were red like boiling blood and had eight heads and eight tails with the length of eight valleys.

Every year, this monster took a beautiful virgin from a village as a sacrifice. A samurai called Susanoo heard this tragedy; he fought Orochi and slew its eight heads apart. His spirit became immortal and his strength was given to four young samurais, who control the Land of Sun since the year 16.


Nyanko Scandal Factory assist “MIYABI: Japan Story” by promoting their concert, so if any question regarding tickets and logistics, please contact the festival directly.

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