Etsitkö valokuvaaja? (PK-seutu)

Cosplayn sisimmän olemuksen pohdinnat ja kaikki muut yleisluontoiset cosplay-aiheiset keskustelut, joille ei ole omaa aluetta.

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Etsitkö valokuvaaja? (PK-seutu)

Viesti Kirjoittaja mardy » Ke Elo 07, 2013 12:54

Moi kaikille!

OK, I admit that my Finnish sucks so I'll just write in English. :-)
I'm a photographer based in Tikkurila (Vantaa), and I've recently had the pleasure to work with some great cosplayers who helped me improve my portfolio. I like cosplay, and I think it can be a great subject for photography.

I'm writing to this forum to let you know that I'm available for taking pictures of your cosplays. My fees are very low (I'm still promoting myself), and if I find your costume especially interesting I will even offer you a free photosession. So, in doubt, you are anyway very welcome to contact me and let me know about your cosplay idea. I have my own studio, or I can take pictures outdoors (preferably around Tikkurila, but can travel a bit if needed).

You can see some of my cosplay pictures here and you are warmly invited to join my Facebook group if you want to be notified of casting calls and occasional free photosessions.
Alberto Mardegan, photographer

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