Starting Over CloudxSephiroth ENG!!!!

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Starting Over CloudxSephiroth ENG!!!!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Light-Kira » To Helmi 19, 2009 21:36

A/N: This is partly a song fic. My new one. In English this time.. sorry. I maybe change this chapter. It isn´t good an it doesn´t fit correctly to the hole story. Don´t know yet.
Title = Starting Over
Author = Light-Kira
Beta = Original-Botticella
Pairing = SephirothxCloud
Rating = T/M
Genre = Angst, pain, drama, Slash, Lemon
Warnings = Rape, Angst, Language, Drugs, Reno, Violance, Torture
Disclaimer = I own nothing...
Summary = Story of Cloud and Sephiroth, and how their love changed the world.
Feedback = R&R Thanks :D

KoRn - Starting Over

"Got to face your fear
Lying on the floor
Step into nothing
What the hell am I here for?
So come on and play
Stab me in the heart
So much of this time was wasted ripping me apart."


Cloud was having another nightmare. Nightmare of Sephiroth.
"You are nothing, A mere bug in here. I can´t believe how you even manage to get in the SOLDIER. Now you are a third class SOLDIER, but still a mere bug. You are not even amusing enough." Sephiroth said at plank voice.

"Pleace stop Sephiroth! Can´t you see I love you? What have I done to make you hate me?"

"You betrayed me.. You sold me to Hojo. You should have gone there. But instead you send me. What the hell were you thinking?!"

"But I didn´t! Sephiroth I didn´t. I went there. I suffered in there, at your place. I were there days. Laying in mako tank. Suffering cuts and injections every hour. Every second I was in pain. And still I did it for joy. Because I knew that you would not be ragged there. That I would be there suffering instead of you."

"You are lying to me again Cloud. Still.. Even if you weren´t.. I would kill you still. For making me suffer!" Sephiroth yelled and shoved masamune trough Clouds abdomen.

Cloud woke up panting. He tried to lift his arm but they didn´t move at all. His vision was blurry but he heard voice murmuring near him.

"Subject has been seeing nightmares. Concept unknown. Subject has a high reaction to mako and Jenova cells. We are increasing the amount of both. We are going to use some Red Jenova Cells too. Just to make sure that the subject is strong enough to become a potential clone. We are using some S-cells and for now, subjects progress has been good." Hojo muttered himself.

Panic rouse in Clouds mind. What the hell?? How did I end up here? Answer to the unspoked question became faster than he was waiting.

"Subject has some memory loss because of Jenova and S-cells. Subject is ready to go back to work in a week. Willow, Andrews! Take SOLDIER Strife back to his room."

"Yes Sir"

Cloud could feel himself being lifted and carried. At the way to his room they crossed Sephiroth. But Cloud didn´t realize this, being in the world of pain. "Where are you coming and where are you going to take SOLDIER Strife?" Sephiroth asked.

"We were assigned by Hojo to take SOLDIER Cloud Strife back to his room, sir" Willow answered.

"No you are not. Give him to me. And I want full report why and how long has he been with Hojo"

"We are sorry sir but we can´t do that, sir"

"And why is that? Why are you refusing to report to your commanding officer?" Sephiroth asked tone of voice that told `If your excuse is poor I´m taking action and that will not be pleasant´

"We are under Professor Hojos Authority, and we answer directly to him, sir"

"I see. Give me Soldier Strife. Are there anything about his condition that I should know?"

"We were told to not give him any potions and healing materia is off limits as well, sir. Nothing healing can´t be used with out Professor Hojos knowing, sir"

"Is that so.. Well well.. Okay. Now give Strife to me and report back to Hojo.. Without telling this little accident of meeting me on the way. Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir" Willow and Andrews said and turned to walk back to the labs.

"What have you get into now Cloud?" Sephiroth muttered himself.


"We are the hurt inside your head
Lost in the valley of all that's dead
Constantly twisting things I say
Happiness is falling
Rain is day"

Cloud woke up to the pain that was everywhere. He screamed aloud. He took hold of his head and screamed. He yelled in his pain.. The pain was everywhere.

Sephiroth woke up in sound of screaming. He observed himself. Am I screaming? No that´s not it... Cloud! Shit! He rose from his bead quickly and run like he had never run in his whole life. He came to the visitor bedrooms door and quickly get in to the room. It was Cloud. He was holding his head and screaming in pain. General quickly hugged the shivering SOLDIER third class. He hold Cloud in his arms and whispered comforting things to his ear.

"I saw you dead.. Oh please Seph make the pain go away. Please Seph.. PLEASE!!!" Cloud pleaded.

"I´m sorry Cloud but that is something I cannot do."

Cloud stopped his screaming and started to sob. The tears traveled in the surface of his cheeks. Brilliant blue eyes watched the green ones and shoved only pain.

"Are you mad at me Seph?"

"No.. I don´t think so. After I saw you in such state as you were yesterday... Why were you in Hojos loving care anyway?"

"I hear from Reno that Hojo needed test some random stuff with someone in SOLDIER and considered you. So I made my way to the labs and said that I´m going to be playing your part. That I was ordered here to be Hojos Experiment and test subject. I knew that they weren´t going to check that information. They were satisfied that they had someone to test on.. And now Hojo won´t let me go because of my reaction to mako and some cells and maybe some other stuff too."

"Why did you do that Cloud? You know that I can manage that easily and know you share the same fate that I do.. Why Cloud?"

"I was thinking that if Hojo had something else than you in there maybe he stop experimenting on you.. And do it on me instead - I was hoping you could live free, that i could take your place at Hojos little labrat."

"You idiot... Well at least we are together on this. Is the pain too much?"

"Yes.. I´m.. I think I´m going to black out soon if I can´t get anything for the pain."

"I can´t do nothing. I´m sorry. Hojos orders. But.. At least you don´t have to go to the lab anymore.. Well at least another week maybe.. It depends about Hojo.. But I´m sure we are going to be there at the same time."

"That´s little comforting. I think I..Want.. to..."

Cloud blacked out against the Generals chest.

"What I´m going to do with you my love?"


I´m updating this as soon as I possibly can. Tell me about the mistakes in my writing. My native language is not english... So... :D Thanks for reading :D Thanks to my new beta for pointing my mistakes.. :D This story is somehow different to the game and so. If you have any questions about this R&R and I will answer to you :D
Everybody makes up their own story, some are more skilled at it
There´s no magical happy endings, only the ones that you write
But there is a plot line in every story pay close attention, you might miss it
Lose the plot and you're screwed.

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Re: Starting Over CloudxSephiroth ENG!!!!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Light-Kira » To Helmi 19, 2009 21:53

Hi all! So here is chapter 1 to you :D I want to thank you my very skilled beta: Original-Botticella, for doing wonderfull job with my story. And then I also want to thank all of you people who indeed did R&R: tails doll curse, Angelus and Original-Botticella. Thanks to you all :D

Now on with the story!

2. Different

A Perfect Circle - Pet

"Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble

Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums"

I was 13 years old. Me and my mom lived in Nibelheim. In a little house, end of the village, near the old Shin-Ra Mansion and Mako Reactor. Most of the time I was alone. My mom didn’t mind. She was proud of me. I was good in school and I did my chores with care. The only thing she was sad about was about me too. I was bullied all the time. By parents and their children. I don’t know why they did what they did. I think I was just too different from them.

I had blond spicy hair, Sky blue eyes, I was thin and little. I was quiet, not like others. I tried so hard to fit with the rest of them. But they never wanted me there. So after all they had done to make me go and be alone, I stopped trying. I don’t hate them. I was just empty. At first, I remember I displayed my feeling, but then, I just given them away. When I left home to go to school, I put my mask on. An empty mask. At first, I remember playing alone. But after some time it became boring and childish. I wasn’t an adult at any point. I was naive and young. I thought: What if I was alone and a good boy like they wanted?—would others would accept me? But no, that wasn’t it. Whatever I did, I was never accepted.

"Pay no mind what other voices say
They don't care about you, like I do, like I do
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.

Just stay with me, safe and ignorant,
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep"

I was coming from school like every normal day. There was this little alleyway between school and bar. I went there to go to home and I came there to come to school. But today was different. I didn’t know how or why. It just was. My senses said to me that I should not go to the alleyway, but I dismissed my instincts, thinking that I was just too paranoid for my own good. I noticed too late… I was wrong and my senses were right.

”Well, well, Isn’t it little Strife in here. How nice for you to drop by." A boy named Jack Ebony said smirking.

"What do you want?" I asked in frightened voice.

I’m scared as hell, but they didn’t need to know. I thought. This was lost hope. They always knew. I started to shiver; I knew what would come next. The beating, lies, mental pain. It was always the same. They hated me because I was different. My father was SOLDIER and my mother was nobody. My father had left us and my mother had come here. It was a mistake. My mother never told anything about my father. Every time I had asked she had just cried. I knew my father was a SOLDIER because I had read my mothers diary. Even in there she never mentioned my father’s name. Only that he was in SOLDIER and that he had wanted to give me a different name other than Cloud. I didn’t know what name he had wanted. She never told me.

"We want just to play with you. Want to play war? The same as your father did Cloud. Yeah let’s play war. You are an assassin and we are SOLDIERs... ATTACK!" Jack shouted.

I didn’t have time to prepare. The hits started to come everywhere at once. I curled in the ground as small as I could and tried to protect my head with my hands but it was hopeless. Please someone, anyone help me!

"What’s happening here?" The teacher asked angrily. Thought I didn’t hear it.

"We are just playing war, Miss." Millice answered. Millice was just an average boy. Though he was mean and ugly but else… Just the same as rest of them.

"Oh! If that is indeed the case, then continue." Teacher said and leaved. The teacher hated me. And whatever the law said it didn’t say anything about playing. As long as it was interpreted as ’playing,’ I could suffer by any means and she would not interrupt. And I hated her because of that.

The beating continued until I was only a piece of blood, broken bones and dislocated limbs. The boys left and I stayed at the ground. The pain was everywhere. I thought that if you had suffered this at least once a week for 3 years you would be use to it. But no. That wasn’t the case in this. I knew that the beatings would continue as long as I stayed here. I had decided long ago that when I was old enough I would leave this place and never come back.

Slowly I stood up. The pain was intense in my dislocated joints. Which were my shoulder and ankle. My nose was broken and I knew it. I had learned after couple beatings how to fix myself. I took hold of my left arm pulled it to its rightful place. It hurt, tears came to my eyes. But in few minutes the pain substituted. This had never happened before. Normally I suffered at least a few weeks of pain and agony. But not this time. As I watched the swelling in my shoulder slowly dissipated. The swelling just disappeared slowly and the pain went away. I was thrilled. The pain was almost gone! Only my broken bones, which were few of my fingers, my nose, and my ankle of ached. In a swift motion I fixed my nose. It hurt like hell. I didn’t yell but the pain was intense. I pulled my ankle at its rightful place; still in agony about my nose. My cuts and bruises were already fading. I was becoming sleepy, so I just simply decided that I would sleep right there. Slowly my eyes closed and I drifted to sleep…


When the sleep left me, first I thought was where I was at. I was back in the alleyway. When I wondered how I had come here the memories of beating came back to me. What was that healing thing? Wait a sec… I don’t feel any pain! I quickly examined myself. Everything was just fine. I was little bit hungry and that was all. I quickly headed back home. On my way there I met the same boys who had beaten me just hours ago. They looked at me once and came to me. I wasn’t scared anymore. Somehow I knew now that they couldn’t hurt me anymore. Finally I know how I was different. I could heal in moments. At that time I didn’t know how that was possible and I didn’t care. I was glad.

"What the hell Strife? We beat you in to the ground and now you are like nothing happened. Why do you act like you are some kind of god? You are not! We are! And we love to make your life as hell-like as possible. And you can’t escape that! That’s for sure." Jack said to me.

"Why should I care about you and your hell? For your information I’m not scared and I have had enough of this." I shouted back.

"Oh! Is that so? I don’t believe this. The Little Strife brat has grown a backbone! We know that you are not alright; you are not that good actor after all! We have broken your bones, given you a few dislocated limbs and bruises and cuts. So don’t fake! Or do you want that we beat you all over again?" Jack boasted.

"First of all. I’m not fucking acting anything! I’m just fine physically! Secondly… You can’t hurt me anymore! So fuck off!" I shouted. I knew that I would be alright. They couldn’t hurt me. Or so I thought.

"So you are alright? How so? I don’t believe it." John said and took a basic military knife to his hand from his pocket.

"So now let’s see how so you heal that fast. Even SOLDIERs don’t heal in two hours from broken bones. Except General Sephiroth! But Sephiroth is different. I heard that he was made in laboratory… Maybe you and your dear general have something common…” John said again with smirk on his face.

Not good… Not good. I’m so going to die. I started shaking again as John and his gang came closer.

"Hold him!" John ordered others. They all took action. This time though I had time to prepare. I remember watching Tifa and others training at school. I took their basic fighting stand which I had trained secretly in my room. The boys no more looked, so sure that they could win.

"Go, go! Do you fear so much of the little Strife kid? He’s nothing! He’s not in Martial Arts class, because Lockheart told him not to!" John shouted. The other boys quickly tried to take hold on me, but I kicked one to the abdomen and hit second to the solaris plexus. I fought back with all I had, but it wasn’t enough. They got a hold on me. John came to me as his gang members hold me in place. I gazed him hatefully.

"Told you so. Now let’s see your amazing healing skills. I don’t believe you. And I don’t think anyone else believes you as well." John said. He holds the knife inches away from my left eyebrow. Suddenly he sliced my brow in half. I didn’t scream. It hurt like hell, but like before the pain was gone in few minutes. All the boys around me gasped in wonder and after that in fear.

"What a hell was that?! You are as weird as we always thought. Go away Strife. Go!" John yelled at me. I just looked him coldly.

"You’ve beat me every week over three years and after that you told me to go?!” A mad, crazed look came to Cloud’s eyes, ”Oh no… That is just absurd. You pick on me, you bullied me and now because I’m different you fear me?! What do you expect? That I suddenly grow wings? Or that I become some crazy monster? Fuck you John! Why don’t you go home and cry to your mom how little Strife boy who you have beaten and bullied the whole fucking time is a monster?" I said to him angrily. They all looked like they were going to faint of fear or if I had suddenly become a madman. I didn’t know that my eyes were glowing mako green at that point. I suddenly freed myself and started walking home.

"Yo-your eyes.." One of the boys said fearfully. I didn’t understand what they mean. On my right side was a tiny bit of water. I looked my self at the water surface. My eyes were mako green. What the..? I started to get scared. What’s happening to my body? How is this possible? I started to panic. Quickly I rose from the ground and started running home.

"Mom, Mom!" I shouted panicking.

"Yes dear? Is everything alright?" She asked from me.

"Look at my eyes! Look! They are all green. I was coming from school, when John and his gang beat me down!—and then all my wounds just healed!—and then they came again and suddenly I was angry at them and then my eyes started to glow!" I explained in a panicked frenzy to her. All my life she had explained to me everything. I never cried in her presence, but when I was scared or in hold of strong emotion I could let that show around her. To everybody else I was the emotionless one, the freak, the nobody, but around her I could relax and be myself.

Suddenly she just stopped hugging me and took a look. She looked at my eyes where mako still let it self show. She just stared me few moments before she covered her mouth and runned sobbing to the bathroom.

"Mom!" I shouted. I was worried. She had never ever reacted that way to anything that happened or what she had seen or I had told. But now.. Somehow I knew that everything was going to be a lot different than before. Suddenly I felt betrayed. I runned to my room and began crying in to my pillow. I understood it now. No one would ever accept me without me proving my self to everyone. Not even my own mother. It had been a shell all that time. I was a eulogy of my father. Every time she looked at me she only saw my father, not me, never me.

I, once again, built my mental walls again. Now that I knew some of my abilities, I will start to develop them. I didn’t know how, but at least I should gather some physical strength for starters. If I never wanted to get to the SOLDIER I should train as much I could. With infinite care, I drifted slowly to sleep.

"Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come
Count the bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble

Head down, go to sleep to the rhythm of the war drums "

When I woke up in the morning there wasn’t the familiar smell of breakfast and coffee. I didn’t mind it at first. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped myself and looked in the mirror. What a.. ? I had developed, in one night, a basic musculature, well I had had a basic musculature all the time, but now I was more ridged. Not too much. Nobody should be able to tell the difference about my body than myself. I looked myself. My eyes! They were still glowing. But only lightly. No one without a trained eye should be able to see the glow. I watched my body few more minutes and stretched my new found muscles. I felt pride in them. It gave me a sense of manhood and manliness that the other boys didn’t have yet. When my pride replenished, I started showering.

I put the water in mild heat and relaxed for a few minutes. Then I started washing my hair. It never stilled, not even in shower. After that I scuffed myself with washcloth and soap. After that I dried myself and dressed to fresh and clean clothes. Black today. Black slacks and black t-shirt.

I stepped out from the bathroom. Everything was quiet and still. It was Wednesday morning. No birds were singing in trees, no basic voices of life anywhere near. This is odd. When their is no sound that normally means a warning. I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen. There was no breakfast and no coffee. Nothing was ready. Mom is still sleeping I guess.. I thought and started to make a sandwich and coffee. I ate in silence and after that washed my plate and mug.

I walked back upstairs and started looking my mother. I found her in the master bedroom. She was gurgled on one side of the bed as small as she possible could. I went to her and watched if she was okay. She was my whole world still. Even after yesterdays’ episode. Even after I felt betrayed.
I noticed she was not even nearly okay. She had a high fever and she didn’t show any sign of movement or being awake. Immediately, I worried. I shaked her lightly, but she didn’t do anything. I started to panic and I shaked her with little more force. Nothing again.

I lift her to my lap and picked her up in bridal style and started running to doctor. The doctor was located in the other side of the village. I ran there with everything I had and what my ass was worth. The bullies where in my way. In front of the school. They did recognize me and started running towards me. They attacked me, but said nothing. I stopped running to take them on. They had stones and one knife. The same one as last time. I gently laid my mother to the ground and turned around. I had my father’s old military combat boots on my feet. They were a little bit too big for me, but I remembered something about military combat boots what I had read.

"In the left side of the Shin-Ra Electric Company’s Military Basic Combat Boots, is a basic military issue knife. Pull it off from the heals’ end."

I looked at my fathers left boot and watched something to get the knife out. Or even to see if there was any knife in it as the book so carelessly promised. I took hold of the knifes end. I had found it in seconds. And held it in front of me in defense stance. I watched as they came. They didn’t again attack in one motion, no they started circling me and my mother.

"What’s up Strife? Cat got your tongue?" John stated simply.

"Nothing of that is your business John" I answered him, and glanced my mother who laid in the ground on my left. She didn’t look good. This is not good... I thought. I watched as the circle started closing slowly around me and my mom.

"I don’t want to hurt you.." I said. I didn’t feel confident.


I obeyed in a second. I didn’t know why I should listen to this voice, but the evidence its warning being accurate came in a next moment. John had darted forward when I was in my thoughts and looking my mother. He sliced with his knife just above my head as I suddenly dodged like the voice ordered me to do.

The next attack came from my left and right side at the same time. I blocked the right sided attack with my knife holding hand, but the left sided attack caught me by surprise. The boy who was on my left punched me not so lightly to my collar bone. I grunted. As the battle succeeded the boys became faceless to me and everything was slowly becoming a green haze as my eyes turned slowly to green. I was angry at them. Not because they attacked me, no that was an everyday experience. It was because of my mother. I glanced at her quickly and I saw she was getting worse.

I just wanted it to end. Again I was taken by surprise as John holding the knife came to me and shoved his knife deep in to my gut. I came to my knees when he twisted the knife in my guts. I coughed up blood and it poured slowly from my mouth.

"Well now. You were so tough before. And now you are dying." John said and took the knife from my insides. I screamed.

"Don’t you want to be in SOLDIER? SOLDIERs don’t scream. I’m sure your father was just another wuss.. As you are. I bet he was lowly 3rd class.. If even that." John continued mockingly.
I knewed that I should not take the bait, but I wasn’t in much of a condition to do anything else.

I laughed, it was a hysterical kind that madmen made, "Hey John. I heard that you were a bastard. As in the real meaning of the word. Your mother fucked some lowly cadet, and got pregnant.. I’m not surprised that she took her own life after that. ’Cos you are just too ugly to anyone." I whispered and smirked hollowly as the blood loss took my voice and I started to feel weak.

"You are one to talk. As for you to know. My mother didn’t fuck just anybody. She told me before she died that my father was president Shin-Ra himself. So if I were in your position I wouldn’t say anything. I could just run to my father and tell him. And after that your dream of becoming SOLDIER would vanish to air." John said again.

"Load up boys. Lets leave these two here to die as they should. We are doing a huge favour to the whole village by killing them." John said again and he and his gang went away.

I was lying on my back at that point. I breathed slowly now, and the mako in my eyes was weakening. I didn’t know how long I just laid there before I decided that I should get up. When I was back in sitting position I remembered my mother. Oh shit! I have to get her to the medic. Now!" I rised slowly. My legs were weak from the blood loss, and I swayed little, but quickly dismissed my self as the pain came back. I grunted and tears rose to my eyes. I putted my hand to my stomach to prevent the blood seeping anymore. Then I swayed my mother over my shoulder. I wondered how I had enough power to lift her.

" I'll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and all your demons

I'll be the one to protect you from
A will to survive and a voice of reason

I'll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same
I must isolate you
Isolate and save you from yourself "

When I reached the doctors apartment I hoped that he would be there at the time. He sometimes made homevisites. He was nice to me and my mother. He was somehow reliable and peaceful. He’s name was professor Gast. He had been working with Shin-Ra laboratories and in there he had men trained to be a medic if there was need. Then after his retirement he had came here in Nibelheim and started a small clinic in his home. He was the villages’ only doctor. He had come here at the same time as my mother and had helped her with the delivery of me. I didn’t know why he was always so nice towards me, but I was grateful.

I quickly knocked to his front door. He quickly opened with a smile on his handsome face.

"How may I help you Clo--?" He cut himself short by the blood on my face and stomach. He quickly noticed my mother’s state.

"Come in Cloud quickly! Lay her on the bed." He ordered. I did as he told me and he started to examine my mother as soon as I was out of the way.

"What happened?" He asked me as I stood stunned.

My head started to feel light, "I was attacked yesterday by John and his gang. Then, the strangest thing happened, my wounds healed in hours. Then, I saw them again after consciousness. My eyes glowed! They glowed! Mom was shocked about it when she saw them. Then, this morning I found her in her bed." I stated exasperated with the blood loss and shallow breaths I was quickly inhaling. With a nod he continued to heal my mother.

"She has some kind of inflammation. I will give her antibiotics and some morphine so she can sleep." He said to me his back turned to me. I swayed a little and the movement suddenly felt painful and I realized that I had made a pained moan. Professor Gast turned to me and started examine me with his eyes.

"Are you okay Cloud? Is that blood yours?" He asked seriously. My automatic answer would have been ´I’m fine´ but as it turned out I needed healing.

"No I’m not okay. John stabbed his knife to my stomach. And yes the blood is mine." I answered to him with slight indicator of my pain in my voice.

He pushed me to the examination table and started to get my shirt off of me. I watched him. He didn’t ask any questions which I was grateful. After getting the blood soaked garment off he started to clean the wound with alcohol.

"Cloud I know it hurts like hell, but you have to bear it. I’m sorry" Gast said sympathetic voice as he poured the alcohol to the open wound. The wound had started to heal on its own accord. He watched as it slowly started healing after the alcohol shower.

Gast sighed, his eyes somber, "Would you like to speed up the healing process? I have something that would do the trick but after I have used it on you, you have to come and get it in different times; depending on how you react and your tolerance." Gast explained. "I think you would need it anyway if you don’t want to end up mad." Gast said.

"What are we talking about now?" I asked curiously my brain was trying to catch up from the blood loss.

"Mako. You have it already because your father was in SOLDIER and because you have lived in here. But you need more. That’s plain certain. " Gast explained once more.

"Okay.." I said cautiously.

Is my head still in the clouds?

"Ok then. Let’s test your tolerance and reaction. I need a blood sample and then I subject you with the mako. And then we watch your reaction. Is that okay with you?" He asked.

"Yes I suppose. I don’t have any other choice in this matter.." I said little bit worriedly. He took that as yes and took a needle with a syringe and put it through my arm to my vein. Blood quickly came to the syringe and Gast moved to analyze the blood.

"You have already quite a lot Mako in your bloodstream. Let’s just see your reaction to it then." he told. He took a new syringe full of green glowing mako in it.

"This is pure Mako. It’s much more powerful than other substances so we have to be careful." Gast said to me. The needle was huge! And so was the amount of mako.

"This test will define how frequently you have to take shots. The common reactions have some not so fancy side-effects also. You can suffer from headaches, nausea, mako eyes, crawling of your skin, heighten senses, your body can exert more force, and your eyesight will get better and so on." He explained. He took my arm and put the needle through my skin and to my vein. I watched as the mako went to my bloodstream from the syringe. Immediately I started feeling the effects of Mako. It felt like my veins were freezing. It hurt like hell! First I just grunted and shifted but after a while I started sobbing and after that screaming my head off.

The pain however quickly subsided and I noticed that Gast watched me with interest.

"What?" I asked.

"You have even better reaction to the mako than even your father had. I don’t know anyone who has that high tolerance and reaction to mako. General Sephiroth included." Gast explained to me.

"I have better reaction and higher tolerance to mako than General? How is that possible?" I asked.

"it’s because of your father. I think, but the environment can do something too. Wait! Don’t move. The after effects are coming!" He said to me and before I could protest he strapped me to the table after putting some sensors to my skin.

I started feeling like I might to throw up, but I didn’t however. Before too long I started to shake. It wasn’t bad at first but before too long I started to shake violently and I understand why Gast had strapped me down. My eyes hurt because of the light. Gast quickly moved to shut the lights in the clinic. My skin was itchy. Like hundreds of ants crawling on it. I wanted to scratch like a madman, but because of the restrains I couldn’t. It continued about half an hour. After that he removed the restrains and left me panting for a minute. Where did he go? My answer came before I could process the thought.

He dragged a huge sword with him. A buster sword!

"Cloud. Could you help a little? I’m not mako enchanted as you are so this thing is quite heavy." He said smiling. I looked down to my abs. There was no trace of the wound. I hopped off from the table and took a two hand hold of the sword and tried lifting it. I thought that it must be heavy as hell and I used much force to lift it up. It suddenly spinned up from the ground and I stared it like it had came alive. It wasn’t heavy. Just like some book or something.

"Well that was something. I never understood that you were that strong." Gast said and smiled at me, as I watched the sword with wonder.

"This is First Tsurugi. A beauty. She was your father’s before he had his better sword which was easier to use and now this one is yours. Take some lessons at the village gym or something. I recommended you there so they can’t say no. It won’t be easy. Oh and here is the holster for her. You can separate her to 6 different pieces. This in my opinion isn’t much.”

”Wait! Wait! How the hell do you have my father’s sword!”

His eyes went somber once again, ”He told me to give it to you. He knew I was the town’s doctor and how kind I am to you and your mother. He knew one day you would come to me like you are now.”

”But that still doesn’t explain it!”

”That’s all I can tell you.”


”Calm yourself! Your eyes glow!”

Adrenaline pumped in my veins with my quiet rage. Gast knows something!

He won’t tell me. Cloud won’t hurt the only person who was kind to him and his mother. He can’t loose that.

Then, Gast eyed me with a suspicious stare, ”By the way, have been suffering any pain or distress on the left side of your back?" He asked.

"Umm.... Yes actually. It started few days ago. Why?" I asked confused.

It was like the man’s skin on his face melted, "Let’s go to the back yard. And yes, you can take Tsurugi with you." He said, this time he smiled at me. We reached the backyard and he started to examine my back.

"Any pressure here?" He asked kindly, touching the spot dead-on.

"Yes. Why?" I asked curiously. This was way too weird.

"Why don’t you try to free the pressure and see for you self?" He offered.

I thought about it, Release the pressure? Like an ear ache? I concentrated without asking anything else. It was like there was something in my back. It had always been there but I had dismissed it saying to myself it was just muscle tension or something. Suddenly I felt a stinging pain in my back. Something huge was trying to get free from there! I pressed harder and suddenly I screamed again as I felt the something to break free from its bonds. Blood was everywhere. I had clinged to my sword as if my life depended on it. I took a look of my back when I felt something heavy there to unbalance me.

I was stunned—no stunned isn’t even the right word for it! It was a gruesome wing. Only one wing but a wing still. Where the fuck did this come from! This is the source from all that discomfort! How the fuck did Gast know about it! A million other thoughts jumbled in my brain.

"As I thought." Gast said in awe. He came closer to me and brushed the feathers gently. I purred in happiness. Hold the hell up! Purred!

"They are incredibly soft." He said to himself.

"They are extremely sensitive." I said to him pulling the wing closer to my body.

Gast smiled as if he had half-heartedly expected it, "Yes. Put it back now and then get your mother, your sword, and go home. She should be alright by tomorrow. Then you should come and take your necessary Mako shot to.. Come and meet me in a week. There are some clothes for you in the examining table back inside." Gast said to me, wonder still showing in his eyes.

Ugh, yeah, sure! That’s a step! That’s something normal. Oh, that’s right... "Um.. There is one problem in that. How can I put my wing back?” I might as well put some use to it since I have it, ”And I should take some flight lessons too I guess." I said to him, sort of. The wonder of me possessing a wing had already dissipated. I now approve of its existence. It might come in handy.

"Just focus on your inner being. There is a natural path in you where the wing goes. You just have to try to put it there. And I may be able to help you with the flying lessons also. Let’s discuss about that when we meet next time. But you must not tell this to anyone! Don’t tell anyone about your mako eyes or your wing! Especially your wing. They will notice your eyes eventually, but nothing else they can notice. So promise me you won’t, okay? Not even to your mother." Gast instructed, the worry taking over his face. Gast meant business about it.

"Okay I promise." I answered to him. Now my only problem was how to put the wing back. I focused to my wing and tried to pull it inside of my back. It was moving slowly but it was moving still. Finally when 20 minutes had gone it was securely inside of my back. I felt it in there, but now it didn’t bother me anymore. Nothing actually bothered me. I now knew why I was so different. All this time and I never knew... Fate, you ironic fucker...


In the clinic there were clothes just where Gast said there would be. I laid Tsurugi carefully to the ground and started to examine the "new" clothes. It was a SOLDIER First class uniform! An old model, but still! I watched it in awe. I checked the name tag in the vest. it said G.Rhapsodus. What is this? I never knew anyone named Rhapsodus. Maybe it’s my fathers real last name. There was also slacks, SOLDIER belt, socks, boxers and one shoulder protector/shield. I put the vest on and watched myself from the mirror. It looks surprisingly good on me. Did my father look like me?

"I see you found your fathers clothes. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything else to give what would be even close to your size." Gast said and took a look of me.

First the sword, then the wing, now the clothes! What’s going on!? I shook my head, nothing seemed real anymore.

"Vest looks good on you. But don’t let anyone see that nametag. No one. And don’t tell your mother that you know who your father is. I won’t speak anymore about your father except some little things that anyone knows. But nothing else. Now. Put the slacks on and take your mother home. Then you should go to your sword drills. You can take your sword with you, but you have to tell them it’s just a replica. Not the real thing. You don’t have to ever sharpen her and you should be able to fight with them all. There should be some special moves in her. You just have to learn them." He said to me.

"Yes. I will. What if someone sees me with the sword and the uniform and carrying my mom?" I asked worriedly.

"Don’t let them see you..Ok that was a bad idea. Hmm.. If they ask you questions don’t answer them. And if the bullies come… Then use your sword. Not the sharp edge, the flat side is the right side in those situations. I’m sure you can use it without lessons. Well not well but somehow. I remember your father, he was a natural talent. I think you are too." Gast said smiling.

I put my old slacks and underwear to the trash can and changed to the SOLDIER uniform. It looked good on me.

"Now, let me help you with all those straps and belts." Gast said moved to put them on. He also put the sword holster in its own place on my new uniform. He took the nametag away and put it in to my pocket. When everything was its own place I put the sword to my back. Not to the magnet which was also there but to the holster which was strapped to my back. It made sitting hard but it was worth it. I took my mother and carried her away bridal style. When I was at the door I noticed Gast wanted to say something. I watched him with questioning look.

"You should take materia classes also. Maybe even some medicine so in time you administer your own Mako injections and deal with injuries. Don’t use this uniform after this until you earn it. Not in public what so ever. Remember to come here next week. I don’t have any other appointments. See you Cloud." Gast said to me with smile.

"Thank you Professor. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you." I said and waved my goodbyes.


I walked slowly. The uniform was nice on me. It felt like I really was in SOLDIER. I was going to leave to Midgar in 8 months. When I had turn 14 years old. I had decided that ages ago. I just hoped that they would accept me there. I never wanted anything bad to happen.

I was in front of the school. People, meaning students and teachers were all out, talking, drinking coffee and having fun. They didn’t notice me. At first.

"Look, look! It’s a real SOLDIER!" Someone shouted. They didn’t recognize me. I wondered why? Then again. I had the SOLDIER outfit, a buster sword, my hair and face were in blood and I carried Myra in my arms as a loving husband.

"He’s a first class if I read his uniform correctly." John shouted. They all started running towards me. I didn’t want to interact with them, so I started running, again. I used my mako infused speed. Even before Mako I wasn’t slow anyway. But now.. I was amazing. I knew John and his gang was fast too, but to my present speed they weren’t any match to me.

I however wasn’t as fast as I could be, because of my sword and Myra. There was too much weight to me to outrun them all. They all were happy as children with a lollipop. They were all talking about me. About mystery SOLDIER first class. I headed to the woods. When I get there I would fly. I didn’t know how, but I would try. And if that plan failed, then I would hide.

I barely make it to the woods. I took my sword and started hacking some of the trees down to slow them down. Slash, run, slash, run, slash and more running. I make it to a hill, it wasn’t big but still. From there I watched as John and his gang still continued to outrun me, they wanted to see a real SOLDIER, even if that was their last mission in their life.

There was a cliff in one mile west from the hill. I started jogging there. They pursued me. I feared what would they do to me if they really caught me. I didn’t know how to anything SOLDIER like stuff. And nothing first class things. I wasn’t confining and I couldn’t pull rank to anyone. I had lived my whole life being others slave.

I made it to the cliff. I set my wing free and jumped. At first I dropped like a stone, but I quickly get a hang on how to fly. I slowly, carefully and stealthy made it back to our house. I went straight in to the master bedroom, laid my mother to the bed and went to the bathroom. My wing had gone back to my back. I took my sword and laid it against the opposite wall. Then I quickly stripped, until I stared the vest. There was a specially made hole for the wing, which nobody without one would had not notice. I smiled sadly to my self, took quick shower and ran with my sword, holster, and clothes to my room. I placed the SOLDIER uniform vest, belts and other little things to a box behind my desk where Myra wouldn’t find them.

I was pissed at her. She hadn’t told me about my father and now I couldn’t even ask anyone about him because of Professor Gast. I dressed myself with black t-shirt.. SOLDIER slacks were pretty much like every other slack so it was okay. SOLDIER boots I had possessed something like four years already so nobody would suspect anything. I quickly placed all belts and straps like they were, put my sword to its holster and ran to my sword, materia and medicine classes.

"Swayin to the rhythm of the new world order and
Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

The boogeyman are coming
The boogeyman are coming

Keep your head down, go to sleep, to the rhythm of a war drums"

I didn’t make it to the morning classes because of the beating and Myra’s illness so basically the school had already over for me. But because the drills and everything else I was here. I was happy, John’s gang had already left the building. John however was in sword fighting class.

I arrived just in time to the sword class.

"Professor Gast said that I should come here and practice sword fighting." I said to our teacher, Mr. Wedge. He had also worked in Shin-Ra. What I had heard he was an old Sergeant. He took retirement after some odd mistake. He had come also at the same time as Gast and Myra.

"Yes yes Strife. I know that all ready. Gast called me an hour ago and said that you were coming. I never said anything that you should come. So tell me about your sword and why you want to use it." Wedge ordered.

"Yes sir. This is a buster sword replica and I want to use it because I want to be in SOLDIER, sir." I answered to him.

"Strife comes to the backroom." He ordered, his face turning slightly red. I didn’t say anything, but followed him there.

"I know what that sword really is. That is not a buster sword replica. That’s a real thing. So don’t lie to me about it. What I don’t understand is how you can even carry it. So explain to me. Gast said it had something to do with mako but refused to tell me anything more." Wedge explained, demeaning an answer.

I tried to say calm to keep my eyes from glowing that frightening green, "Yes sir. My father was in SOLDIER. He was first class. And because of him I have Mako in my system. However, First Tsurugi is not an ’it’. Its ’She’! She was my father’s and now she’s mine. I won’t leave her." I replied furiously.

He snorted, "Noted. Okay then Strife. But be careful with her. I can see that she’s not any kind of weapon. She’s collection of six pieces right? Oh and by the way. John is actually using a buster replica. You can see the difference immediately with your eyes." Wedge told him. Leave it to the experts to know about swords.

"Yes she is. And I will keep my strength on a tight leash." I said him back when we were walking back to the training hall.

The class was interesting. First we went through basic stands, waves, moves, parrying, shielding and slashes. It was easy to me to do everything. I was a natural talent. At the end of first half I knew everything what we had learned by heart. It was an amazing feeling to be the top of your class. Grace was far from my movements but I knew them and I could use them. Ex-Sergeant said that the grace would come afterwards.

It feels so good to be something now. Even though Father isn’t here anymore, at least he gave me natural talent. At least, he gave me something.

Then came the matches.

We were split in two groups. Ten people in each half and then he told us to get a partner and start to spar. In friendly way, I was paired with John. Who was the second best. In the beginners moves however. He knew some others as well, but he was far better in ugliness than fighting.

"Uuh Strife. I didn’t know you were that strong. How much your sword weighs? It much is too heavy for you. I have actually a real buster sword. Your’s just a cheap replica Ha!" John picked on me.

His arrogance is becoming very funny. Dumb ass.

"I. don’t. care. Could we just spar already or are you just all talk?" I reminded him.

He went red and started in fierce slash. I parried it. It went okay until he started to use some dirtier moves against me. I was offensive and he was aggressive. My sword started to feel heavy. It felt like this had gone on forever. I used my swords flat side from up to down way and pinned John under my sword.

"Your sword weighs a ton Strife. Let.. Me.. Free!" John said. I was inch close of strangling him but I lifted my sword of off him and started walking towards Wedge. He came furiously from behind, I didn’t have anytime to prepare. I noticed his attack coming second too late. His sword went straight threw. I watched the swords tip come through my stomach. The wound was bigger and nastier than the knife wound had been earlier. I took hold of the blade and pushed it back through myself. I held the tip in my hands and suddenly swung him and his blade to the wall.

I noticed a window open near the roof. Everyone watched either him or me. Suddenly I was furious. I was so angry that I felt like I was going to kill everyone/everything on sight. I was out of the door as quickly as possible. I fled to the clinic never minding the intensity that the blood was pouring.

I knocked lightly to the door. I didn’t notice how I dropped and how Gast caught me and laid me to the examination table. I didn’t feel a thing. If this is how people die... Its wonderful. Now where are the angels? Or demons? Or are they even any?

-"Cloud.. You are your own Angel."-

"Stay with me
Safe and ignorant
Just stay with me
Hold you and protect you from the other ones
The evil ones
Don't love you son,
Go back to sleep"

A/N: So here it is.. at last. R&R means press the button :D Next chap will be up in a few weeks.
Everybody makes up their own story, some are more skilled at it
There´s no magical happy endings, only the ones that you write
But there is a plot line in every story pay close attention, you might miss it
Lose the plot and you're screwed.

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Re: Starting Over CloudxSephiroth ENG!!!!

Viesti Kirjoittaja SAPULI-DONO » Su Helmi 22, 2009 18:59

ÖÖöö tää kusee ainaki aika kovasti pelien tarinan päälle ^_^; Siis pelin tarinan mukaanha cloudi kuuli nibelheimis kakarana asuessaan sephirothista (joka ei muuten ole mikään kenraali ^o^;) juttui ja sillon päätti ruveta soldieriks ja matkusti myöhemmin midgariin shinran palvelukseen mut ei kyl sielläkää ees puhunu sepon kans eikä ees koskaan päässy soldieriks vaan jäi rivisoltuks ja sillon siihen ruiskutettiin makoo ja jenovan soluja ^o^

Lisäks ton first tsurugi miekan se sai vasta ton itse ff7:n jälkee ja advent childrenii ennen, itse pelis se käytti ainaki alus buster swordii jonka otti mukaansa kuolevalta zackilta ^^ ja gastiki oli muuten kuollu jo aikoi sit jos cloud on tos 14 ^o^;

Joo mut en mä näitä mokii jaksa luetella lisää ku tää on kuitenki vaan fanfictionii mut olis sitäki tietty voinu tehdä nii et se menee ees jotenkuten pelin tarinan mukaan ^_^ Mut joo täs oli aika paljo kirjotus virheitä joka kappalees niin kantsis ehkä kirjottaa suomeks mieluummi :3 ja sit noiden cloudin kiusaajien nimet vois olla parempi vaihtaa ku toi jack on aika helppo sekottaa zackiin ja john johnnyyn ^o^

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Re: Starting Over CloudxSephiroth ENG!!!!

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Tiedän tiedän.. Tää onkin hyyyvin pitkälti AU.. Ja ihan hirvee kasa OOC:nessiä löytyy.. Eli juuh. Tiedän pelin juonen jne. Mutta päätin nyt tehdä jotain uutta jane. Lähinnä sen takia että samoista tapahtumista lukeminen tympii hetken selauksen jälkeen. Se on se pointti tässä. Että näin.

Omalla juonella olevia tarinoita on myöskin paljon mutta erillaisuus on pelkästään hyvästä näin ajattelen... :D

Kiitos kuitenkin palautteesta.

Ja niistä kirjoitusvirheistä. Niitä varten minulla on Beta.. Ja toisekseen on ohjelmalla oikoluettu. Eli törkeästi syytän ohjelmoijia. Betaani en syytä koska osaa hommansa (perfectionissti luonne...) Eli näin :D
Everybody makes up their own story, some are more skilled at it
There´s no magical happy endings, only the ones that you write
But there is a plot line in every story pay close attention, you might miss it
Lose the plot and you're screwed.

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