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Upgrading video-evenings for 2012, part I

Lähetetty: Ke Joulu 07, 2011 03:04
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As the number of members present at video-evenings has been on decline for several years, the new board has begun efforts to restore video-evenings into their former glory.
On this thread, we hope for your opinion regarding the type of material that should be shown in video-evenings. Vote on the given options and most of all, discuss them in this thread.

Re: Upgrading video-evenings for 2012, part I

Lähetetty: Ti Tammi 10, 2012 22:14
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Right, posting some suggestions and comments given to the Finnish thread:

* Shows in videoevenings are grouped together, meaning that they progress at roughly same rate. This makes it harder to come to evening midseason. Show should be staggered so there is always something new or relatively new to watch.

* Better descriptions of shows and why have they've been picked.

* Messages regarding video-evenings should be sent earlier. (This shall be done)

* More episodes, less shows at one time. Quicker turnaround of series.