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JOTKUT - Joensuun Otakut on Pohjois-Karjalassa toimiva yhdistys, joka toimii Japanilaisen animaation ja sarjakuvan harrastajien kohtauspaikkana.

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Osamu Tezuka: Phoenix (TV, 2004)
Mushishi (live-action leffa, 2006)
Sengoku Basara (animeleffa, 2011)
Dororon Enma-kun Meera Mera (TV, 2011)
Luolapoika Rai / Genshi Shounen Ryu (TV, 1971)
Yotoden (OVA, 1987)
Gegege no Kitarō (live-action leffa, 2007)
Ei ääniä
Emma (TV, 2005)
Neo Heroic Fantasia Arion (animeleffa, 1986)
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Vaikuta Mytogolia historia naitterin sisältöön!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Aaltomies » To Helmi 16, 2012 22:44

Tässä threadissa äänestäkää kolmea animea mitä halusisitte katsoa naitterissa. Äänestäkää ja antakaa myös omia heittojanne mikä sopisi naitterin teemaan.

Toiseksi, kertokaa mitä konsoleita, pelejä jne. haluaisitte konsoliluokkaan.

Äänestäkää ja vaikuttakaa asiaan.

Infoa valittavista animeista suoraan ANN'stä enklanniksi. Erikseen mainitut animet ja leffat otetaan vahvasti huomioon. Laittakaan tosin infoa kyseisistä suosituksista.

Hi no Tori is a collection of stories that all have something in common. The Phoenix, whose blood is believed to give an eternal life to one who drinks it. Therefore many seek to kill it, but as the Phoenix of the tale, it's reborn from the ashes. Stories take place in future and the past, where humans fight with each other as always, and everyone is afraid to die. But still, every story teaches a lesson: Life is beginning of an eternity, an never-ending cycle.
Mushi are ethereal organisms comprised of and related to the source of all life. Their very existence is enough to spur on supernatural phenomena. Ginko is a Mushi-shi, one who investigates and counteracts the ill-effects of mushi encounters/infestations. As Ginko wanders from town to town learning more of the Mushi and helping those in his wake; we learn of the fate that brought him into his present circumstances.

Sengoku Basara
With the fall of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Japan is once again plunged into chaos as his once subordinate Ishida Mitsunari looks to seek revenge against Date Masamune. Tokugawa Ieyasu however seeks a different path despite having once been under Toyotomi's forces. Their fates soon intertwine with Sanada Yukimura's and other warriors across the land. With a new unknown threat looming over the land, all warriors advance to Sekigahara for a final a sinister plot unfolds in the background.
Dororon Enma-kun Meera Mera
It's Tokyo in the 1970s, and evil yōkai (evil spirits) are attacking the human world. The Yōkai Patrol—Enma, Yukiko-hime, Kapperu, and Chapeauji—are sent from hell to exterminate them.

Genshi Shounen Ryu / Luolapoika Rai
Set in primitive times, a baby with white skin is born into the world. As his skin color is different from the rest of the children around him, the baby is immediately disliked and alienated from the others. Deserted and left on his own, the baby is eventually picked up by an ape called Kitty and raised as her child. The baby, Ryuu, grows up to be a good man but at this moment, his mother is attacked and killed by Tirano. In order to defeat Tirano and also find his real mother, Ryuu decides to set off on his own journey. In the midst of his travels, he meets the siblings Ran and Don. With his new-found companions, Ryuu begins his battle against hardships and obstacles.
In the year 1580, a man named Lord Nobunaga Oda sends hoards of unholy armies across Japan, slaying all who stand in their way. A young ninja escapes her villages' destruction with a short sword, one of the three mystical weapons that can end Oda's rule. During her quest, she is joined by two other ninjas who wield the other two weapons of legend, the sacred sword and spear.
Gegege no Kitarō
In modern-day Japan, the worlds of the human and the yokai often collide, and usually not in the most pleasant of manners. Half-human and half-yokai, one-eyed Kitaro (Wentz Eiji) lives in Gegege Forest with his bickering friends Nezumi Otoko (Oizumi Yo) and Neko Musume (Tanaka Rena) and his eyeball father, and he dedicates his time to maintaining peace between humans and yokai. When a magical ball of power ends up in the wrong hands, Kitaro must recover it or both worlds could fall into grave danger.
In late 19th century London, William Jones, a member of the gentry, meets and falls in love with Emma, and she with him. This chance meeting overturns both their lives - for Emma is a maid, and the barriers of class and wealth stand between them.

Neo Heroic Fantasia Arion
The young Arion is tricked by Hades and is taken to the underworld where he is trained to become a warrior strong enough to defeat even a god. Thrusted into a war among the Titan brothers, Arion embarks into a colossal saga towards the Olympus, home of Zeus.
This is the story of Arion, a little boy raised by only his blind mother in a barren land. One day a man comes to visit his mother. This man calls himself Arions uncle and Arions mother calls the man Hades. The uncle convinces Arion that he knows where Arion can get a hold of a special herb that can cure Arions mothers eyes, and so the boy willingly comes with his uncle Hades on a journey. The moment Ariona agrees to go, his mother feels it in her heart and rushes out of her little house and screams at the sky ; Zeus, your brother is taking Arion to the land of the dead. Follow Arion on his adventures among old greek gods and godesses

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Re: Vaikuta Mytogolia historia naitterin sisältöön!

Viesti Kirjoittaja Silver_Angel » Ti Helmi 28, 2012 12:05

Voisin haluta Wiin, koska minulta löytyisi Okami peli, joka käy hyvin japanilaiseen mytologiaan :)
GET GLOMPED!!! Or get a life...

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